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Secret Science Behind “Genius Pill” - Boosts Memory 33%

As we age the synapses in our brains gradually lose some of their connectivity. While different for all people, the decline is inevitable. Nootropics, commonly referred to as ‘Brain Boosters,’ are now available in various supplement forms to help restore these functions and reduce further loss.

Nootropics are designed to enhance the cognitive functions of both men and women to increase mental efficiency. Individuals who have difficulty remembering things or those with mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s can use brain supplements to increase mental activity which directly affects all aspects of life.

ConneXion (Brain and Focus) supplement provides the nourishment your brain needs to stay sharp!

How Do These Supplements Work?

“The concept behind Nootropics is to target metabolic or nutritional parts of the brain function”. 

Nootropics fulfills the nutritional requirements of the brain and thereby enhances the brains rate of neurotransmission.
Just imagine how good it’s going to feel when you can...
    · Recall dates, stories and memories with confidence
    · Remember appointments and tasks without having to write them down
    · Stop mixing up names at family gatherings.

There’s an easy way to put all of this – and more – within reach today.

Neurotransmission is the process of sharing information, the transaction from neuron to neuron. The more efficient this process is, the better cognitive functions you have. Enhanced cognitive functions increases memory retention, focus and attention for better speaking skills - which frequently diminishes as a person ages.

One advantage of NATURAL brain supplements is that it is safe for use by people of any age, especially those with an Alzheimer degenerative disorder.  You could experience supercharged mental performance that will leave your friends and family stunned.

ConneXion (Brain and Focus) supplement provides the nourishment your brain needs to stay sharp!
Boost memory, concentration, and mental performance naturally with these potent vitamins.
Improve Memory - Fight forgetfulness and improve recall by taking our memory enhancing supplement!


This brain boosting blend helps slow down the onset of cognitive decline. Not only that, it may even promote a more balanced mood. 

Eliminate Distractions - Enhance your focus and productivity! One of the best benefits of taking ConneXion nootropic pills is that your concentration improves, allowing you to ignore distractions and get more done throughout the day. 

Fast Acting - ConneXion formula contains the most proven herbs and nutrients for better brain performance. What's more, we've maximized bioavailability by using fast dissolving capsules, so your body gets maximum benefit in the minimum time from every serving.


Benefits of Brain Supplements to the Users

Some of the benefits you can expect from the right brain supplement:

  1. Increase Concentration and Focus: In your professional and personal life, the need to focus is very important. Once you master the art of staying motivated you can accomplish much more.

  2. Mood Elevation: It affects your mood. People with mood swings can be aggressive or confrontational. A good brain supplement can encourage the secretion of Serotonin, which tends to keep one calm.

  3. Anti-Aging Effects: You may become more physically and sexually active when your brain is getting everything it needs.

  4. Increased Productivity: Due to enhanced neurotransmission, you can retain more information which also helps you complete tasks efficiently and quickly.

  5. Increases Cognitive Skills: Quickly assess and understand complex ideas and be able to communicate them clearly. In sports, reaction and decision times are greatly reduced making you much more competitive.

  6. Improves Overall Mental Health: Helps with anger management and enhances your decision-making skills.

Whether you are experiencing memory issues or lack mental stamina, choosing our natural nootropic can be a life-changing decision.

It’s NOT a Brain Problem...It’s a Battery Problem

Imagine your brain is a high-end electronic device... like a new smartphone.It’s fast, powerful and responsive. There’s almost nothing it can’t do.But when the battery gets low? It slows down. It doesn’t perform as well.

Your brain uses more energy than any other organ... a whopping 20% of your body’s total reserves.


That’s a LOT of juice.

And when your energy levels are low... your brain gets foggy.

That’s why it’s hard to think straight when you’re feeling under the weather... and why expecting mothers experience “pregnancy brain,” which makes them forgetful and groggy.

But if you’re not feeling burned out... and you’re not pregnant... then what’s to blame for your energy shortage?

It all boils down to your batteries.

Imagine a person with real confidence, great memory and quick decision making ability! That person can be you; it’s just the matter of choosing the right brain supplement.

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Just as athletes take supplements to enhance their physical performance, some people hope to sharpen their wits with "brain boosters." Of course, no pill can make you a genius if you aren't already one. So what exactly are brain boosters?

“These are usually herbs or nutrients that enhance clarity of thinking, alertness, focus, concentration, memory, and even mood," says Ray Sahelian, MD, author of Mind Boosters and a medical practitioner in Marina Del Ray, Calif.

"Most commonly, people will notice that they are more focused and alert, that they are more motivated and that they are processing information faster," he says. Assuming they notice any effects at all.

Research on whether an intelligent, healthy young person can function better intellectually under the influence of brain boosters, has shown varied results. Positive results seem to present themselves more readily as the subjects become older. Definable results tend to increase as the time the subject takes the supplements increase, at least for the first 90 days.

What About Gingko Bilboa? Ginkgo biloba is believed to improve brain function by thinning the blood. The theory is that thinned blood has better flow in the brain and, the brain is a huge consumer of blood. However, one should never take ginkgo biloba with any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen because they also thin the blood. Combining the two may cause excessive bleeding. The same goes for blood thinners such as warfarin. Because of this danger, we do not support the use of ginkgo biloba in a supplement.

“Huperzine-A, derived from the Chinese moss Huperzia-seratta, is an herb that has been studied as a potential Alzheimer's therapy. It may also work as a brain booster in healthy people. One study out of China showed that it improved memory and learning in a small group of students. "It is used in China much more than in the U.S.," Sahelian says.

Huperzine-A blocks an enzyme in the brain that breaks down acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter. Acetylcholine carries information across synapses, the space between brain cells. "More acetylcholine stays in the brain, and that's how it can be helpful in memory," Sahelian says.

An omega-3 fatty acid found in fish oils, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is important to an infant's developing brain. DHA also works as a brain booster by helping brain cells communicate, according to Sahelian. “Interestingly, the lining of our brain cells is very highly concentrated with fatty acids, particularly DHA," he says. One 1999 review of studies on DHA, published in the journal Pharmacological Research, found that the nutrient is essential to normal brain function, and that a diet rich in DHA improves learning, while a lack of DHA causes learning ability to suffer.

DMAE (2-dimethylaminoethanol), also alters levels of acetylcholine in the brain. There is little in the way of scientific data to support claims that it boosts brainpower. Nevertheless, "Most people will notice within an hour or two of taking it that they're thinking faster and sharper and that they have better focus," he says.

"It's difficult to predict how an individual will respond. There's currently no blood test or spinal tap or anything we can do that will tell us, 'Well, this is the perfect herb for you,'" Sahelian says.

Sahelian also points out that any brain booster won't help nearly as well if you're sleep-deprived. "Deep sleep, out of anything, is probably the most important factor in preserving memory and clarity of thinking during the day," he says. 

**Published June 16, 2003.WebMD Feature Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD on June 16, 2003


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